VIP Pet Resort

 6222 S. Williamson Blvd.

 Port Orange,  FL  32128

Dog Services: 

  • Private Cattery 

    We built our private "cattery" with your kitty

    in mind !

    Their building has air conditioning and heating just like the dog accommodations do.

  • Large, Roomy Enclosures

    Our enclosures are large and comfy!

    Every compartment has a soft bed to sleep on

    and we change the bedding daily!

    We want to keep things consistent:

    We know your cat’s tummy doesn’t like change, that’s why we encourage you to bring the food that they like best. 


    We also have our regular premium pet foods at no extra charge.

     Toys, treats and washable items from home are welcome !  We want your pet to feel safe & secure !

  • Our Fully Enclosed Patios

    What could be better than spending a lazy afternoon outside on one of our cat friendly, multi-level patios? *


    Throw in a little bird watching and your cat may never want to come home ! 

    ( These patio area are fully enclosed from top to bottom, which provides a safe, secure outdoor play area for your cat ! )


    *  The "Feline Leukemia" vaccination is required for cats who will be using our outdoor facility.)


  • Cat Grooming

    Cats need to be groomed too!   


    We can groom and bath cats and clip their hair closer in the hot summer months.


    We have the experience to trim their nails, in a calm and gentle way!!


    Teeth brushing is an important service that we also provide. . .

  • Other Services 

    In case  your cat likes to cuddle, we can add that service!   


    Part of our extra "Vacation Plan" includes the following:

    1.  Play time with teaser toy.

    2.  Lap time with brushing or scratching.

    3.  Report card with personalized photos!

    They will love it and we enjoy it too !

Cat Services

These kitties have loved staying with us !

We know that cats are sensitive.  That's why they have their own separate building with a fully enclosed patio !

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