Come Meet With Us: 

EVERY APPOINTMENT begins with a personal consultation with your groomer. 

We’ll discuss the cut and style that you want.

We’ll also talk about your pet’s coat and skin condition. 

You can bring pictures of the cut style that you’d like so we can make sure you are very happy!

Pricing varies per breed, size, temperament,  length of fur and coat condition.

Your individual consultation with our groomers will enable us to work together to plan pet’s most successful grooming experience.

We can gently groom your cat & trim their nails !




An in-depth consultation with a groomer plus;

bath, dry, brush, hair-cut,

nail trim, ears cleaned,

and cologne, bow or scarf .


Personalized For Your Pet:

FOR NEW CUSTOMERS it would be best if you could stop by and let our experts discuss pricing for your


There are several factors that might influence the

final cost of your pet’s grooming:


1. The length of time that it takes to gently groom

your pet will influence the final cost.  Heavily matted hair will take  extra time, which will increase the final expense. 

2. We may need extra time too, if we treat for fleas, remove ticks or calm an excited or aggressive pet. 

Special Services


 Teeth brushing

 Special Shampoo

 Grind Nails

  Nails Painted  

These Current Vaccinations Are Required :   

Dogs:  Rabies, Distemper Combo and Bordetella

Cats:   Rabies and Distemper Combo  (*Feline Leukemia                                                                     

VIP Professional Grooming:

We want your dog and your cat to look and feel their best!

Pets that are groomed on a regular basis are happier, healthier, prettier and cost the least to keep-up!  (and they smell better too !)

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