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Our Luxury Dog Apartments and Master Suites

At VIP Pet Resort We'll Help Your Dog Feel Like He's Still At Home!

We offer smaller apartments for small dogs and large suites for big dogs.

Either is spacious enough for the whole family to stay together !

Luxury Dog Apartments


We love our pets as much as you do - that's why we designed our "Luxury Dog Apartments"


Perfect for pets under 30 lbs, each features comfy and colorful bedding (which is changed daily) and two large picture windows. 


One window looks out onto their private playground and the other looks into the building so staff can keep an eye on your pet.

Room For More Than One!


Your pets like to stay together and our Luxury Dog Apartments are perfect for this !   


Large enough for several small pets together.  Booking one of these Apartments early will give you peace of mind knowing that your "Fur-Babies" are feeling safe and comfortable while you're away.!

When you return, you'll receive one of our cute "VIP Report Cards" listing the fun they had during their stay!

Our Caring Staff . . .


Our staff loves animals & they bring their pets to VIP too!

We know that following your special instructions is crucial to your pet's health.  That's why we'll feed the food he likes best or is needed for dietary concerns. (Our premium foods can be provided too.) 

We're also proficient in managing most vet prescribed medications - we'll follow your written instructions perfectly !

We treat our "VIP Guests" as well as we treat our own pet!

Big Dogs Need Big Beds !


Our "Master Suites" are perfect for larger dogs or more than one pet staying together!

The room is larger, the beds are larger and they even have their own television !

Just like in our "Luxury Dog Apartments", residents of our "Master Suites" receive a daily supervised play time and the adorable "VIP Report Card".

We recommend reserving one of these amazing Suites or Apartments as early as possible!  

They are a favorite of pet Moms and Dads!

Dogs who stay in our Apartments and Suites will receive

special privileges such as "Playtime", long walks with their counselor and other options that you can select at check-in.

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