VIP Pet Resort

 6222 S. Williamson Blvd.

 Port Orange,  FL  32128

Dog Services: 

Our family loves animals!

We've taken care of horses, dogs, cats, birds, bunnies and even a turtle!

Non-Traditional Pets

  • Bunnies & Guinea Pigs 

     We raised two children out in the country, so our home was often full of unusual pets and animals found in the woods.


    This makes us comfortable taking care of your "Other Pet" !


    We have a special room just for our smaller and more sensitive guests - right next to our front office.  


    They will have an atmosphere that feels close to home!  

  • Birds and Parrots

    We've had several birds and parrots as guests over the years. 


    The room they stay in can be selected based on their personality.


    We have a room right by the office where we can interact  with your bird throughout the day.  Or if they would prefer a quieter spot, the grooming area  is more secluded.   We'll work closely with you to find the perfect place to keep your bird happy! 

    Our goal is to treat your pet as well as we treat our own!

  •      Exotic Pets

    As parents of two active children ( and volunteers for our local 4-H group ) we've seen our share of "non-traditional pets"!  That's why we're comfortable taking care of almost any  pet that

    you might have.

    Call us to ask about boarding your Special Pet! 

  • Horses Are Our Passion.

    Part of our 18 acre facility includes a barn and enclosed pastures, perfect for a short time stay while you're out of town.


    We have a lifetime of owning, riding and breeding horses - we feel very qualified to give your horse the same individualized care that he receives from you at home!


    ( Check with our office for more information on the services we can provide . . .  ) 

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